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Bridging Finance

There are many situations where bridging finance is the best possible option for your property objective.

Whether you’re buying at auction and need the finance quickly, securing a development opportunity before you have planning or borrowing against an unmortgageable property, we are able to assist in sourcing the best possible bridging loan to match your circumstances.

There are sometimes situations where you’ve sourced an opportunity that is below market value. We have lenders who may be able to lend against the Open Market Value, minimising the amount of deposit you will need.

When a developer gets to the end of the development finance term and they still owe finance, many development lenders can charge more arrangement fees, legal fees and default interest to extend the loan. What Development / Sales Exit Finance can achieve is not only clearing off the development finance but it gives you much longer to sell and thereby taking the pressure off taking lower offers on your properties. Often it means you can leverage capital at the same time meaning you can secure your next development opportunity whilst this one sells.

With so many bridging lenders in the market, it’s hard to tell which ones are trustworthy, suitable, reliable, and can perform. We have many years of experience in arranging this type of finance and for many of the lenders we have relationships with the decision-makers and/or directors of the lenders directly.

Having these relationships with lenders puts us at a great advantage in successfully arranging your bridging finance where others may not.

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