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Owner Occupied Mortgages

We understand that buying your own premises can be daunting and you may not know where to start. We can help you throughout this process and make sure we find the best possible solution.

Owner occupied commercial mortgages are very similar to buying your own home in that the lender will be looking through your company accounts to make sure the mortgage is affordable. It’s important for us to understand your business and how it operates. This will include your growth strategy and whether your business has paid out any exceptional, one-off items, and also the debt serviceability of the business, profitability and EBITDA.

Why work with Helix?

  • Unrivalled access to different lending sources
  • Accommodate and create complexed structures where needed
  • Market leading expertise
  • Assist individuals and companies both in the UK and abroad
  • Additional value added benefits

We’ve been looked after by David Turner since our first mortgage application in 2016. He’s brilliant, has always been immensely helpful and responsive. He recently assisted us with our remortgage and took so much care at our circumstances and needs. Thank you David!

M Skavara

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